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National Starch and Corn Products

Corn Products has completed its acquisition of National Starch. Here is what you need to know.

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Building a playground in one day

For the third year, National Starch volunteers help construct a school playground in Indianapolis.
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In a word, it is what we do and how we think.

Your success starts with our experts

With global sales, service, manufacturing and R&D, we’re the world’s experts in the science and art of innovating with starch to help you reach your goals. We call this STARCHOLOGY™.

  Food Innovation  

  Whether you’re looking for the perfect texture, a clean label, a nutritional edge or to optimize your formulation costs, we’re here to add value to your food and beverage products and brands. Go to site
  Papermaking Innovation  

  Let our expertise in papermaking and starch help you improve your output and control costs. Our specialty starches come with outstanding technical support to help you get the most from your process. Go ​to site
  Biomaterials Innovation  

  Ask our experts how our natural polymers provide sustainable, plant-based alternatives to synthetics in applications ranging from packaging and glass fiber to computers and construction. Go to site